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Pam's Barnyard Updates: Read about the mood in the barn before summer.

Posted by Jud Millar on Tue, Mar 28, 2017


The ever hopeful signs of Spring have begun to show itself around the eaves of the barn and in the spirit of the horses! They are anxiously waiting for the bits of green grass to grow in the pasture and are ever hopeful to lose that heavy winter coat of hair. And of course they are counting the days till the beginning of SMA when their 2 footed friends return!

But in the meantime the critters in the barn wanted me to share their news with you, so here
goes… First they wanted me to let you know that they all are sound and well with the exception of Bugsy who is showing signs of his advanced age. However, he still holds the power of respect from the herd and no one crosses him or challenges his position. Yay for Bugsy! Next in command from the geldings is dear Gator, because with his huge size, his authority is never questioned yet he maintains his loving sweet personality that you all remember. So all the rest of the group happily follow behind him, except for Tillo (the youngest guy in the barn!) who would love to step in to change things…not gonna happen!!


fun-summer-camps-for-teens-in-pa.jpgSo the horses at SMA Horseback Riding Summer Camp  agreed to allow the size of the chicken flock to increase this spring by allowing 5 new chicklets to join the group. The older hens are not thrilled with these interlopers making sure the little ones are learning their place in the flock just like Tillo has had to do with Gator and Bugsy! Anyway the chicks will begin laying eggs by mid-summer.


 Tammy, Jemina and I are just as excited as the horses to welcome you all back to SMA Fun Summer Camps for Teensand to the barn…June can’t come soon enough!!! Hugs to all of you from: Bugsy, Gator, Tillo, April, Daisy, Jewels, Bebe, Tess, Jolly, Ebony, Mimsy, Bilbo Baggins, Chance, Snoopy and Spats. Of course Piggy and Frisbee can’t wait to see you either!





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