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Rhino Kitchen Sink Faucet Project - D O N E at SMA 2 Week Summer Camp

Posted by Jud Millar on Tue, Sep 27, 2016

In the days leading up to SMA Teen Summer Camp  Summer2016 life was busy.  Staff Training was starting in jsut a few days there was lots to do around camp.  One major part of the preparations included "Summerizing" the Rhino Dining Room and Kitchen for use by our incredible kitchen staff, our counselors and ultimately our campers.  Somewhere in that flurry of sweeping and wiping and scrubbing Rory Bannon came to me and said "Jud, the faucet in the kitchen won't turn off".


I went and checked out and low and behold he was right. So I did what Camp Directors do in this part of the world do... I called our plumber Bob Miller.  He confirmed my worst fears... we needed a new kitchen faucet.  I immediately jumped online and found a commercial faucet we liked with with a large sprayer/pre-rinse option.  


Bob said that due to the window above the sink that was not an option for us.  We talked this through and camp up with a counter-weight option that involved a 3-way parachute cord set-up.  Bob thought I was a little crazy  but soon the faucet arrived and with some binder twine used for tying hay bales we made it work!


That was in mid June 2016, and almost everyday since that day I have been in the Rhino Kitchen and at some point thought, "maybe today is the day I replace the binder twine with cool climbing style parachute cord and rock climbing knots."  But then I would get distracted by the tasks of life and move on to other projects.


Well I am excited to announce that I have finally overcome my procrastination and with the assistance of Rory Bannon and Elli "Babs" Phillips the Rhino Dining Hall Faucet Replacement Project is finally complete!


As you can see we even added a small rock climber for show!   



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