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Save the Date: Camp T-Shirt Day is Tue 11/15/16: SMA Teen Summer Camp

Posted by Jud Millar on Sun, Nov 13, 2016

Camp T-Shirt Day is Tuesday, November 15th and we encourage all SMA Teen Summer Camp Campers and Staff to participate!

  1. Wear your favorite Stone Mountain Adventures T-Shirt

  2. Grab a camera and "strike a pose" wearing your SMA gear

  3. Post your photos on Social Media including the SMA Facebook Page + Instagram @CampTshirtday and include the hashtags:

    •  #camptshirtday

    • #smateencamp

    • #sma

Fall is in full swing and believe it or not Thanksgiving is only weeks away.  This year SMA Summer Camp for Teenagers will participate in Camp T-Shirt Day which falls on Tuesday, November 15th, 2016. This should be a dynamic day of color and spirit that will enable SMA Campers and Staff to truly represent the summer home you love so much. Here is everything you need to know to help you crush #CampTshirtDay. 

Summer-Camp-For-Teenagers- PA.jpg

Now that you have Stone Mountain Adventures gear, grab a camera, and that show your beaming summer smile. Now is the perfect time to breakout your favorite camp shirts and sweatshirts to relive those magical memories from summers past. Are your camp clothes all stored away until next summer? Now is the time to dig them out! 

Teen Summer Camp

#CampTShirtDay is the perfect day for SMA Staff and Campers to jump in front of the camera and model the clothes that you wear so well over the summer. Strike whatever pose you’d like, just make sure we can see what shirt or sweatshirt you’re wearing! Want to do something truly special? Maybe take a picture with some camp friends who live in your area, or with home friends from other camps, so you can show the world that SMA Teen Summer Camp spirit!

Rock Climbing Summer Camp

Mountain Biking Summer CampNow it's time to get social!! Once you have the perfect photo of you wearing your favorite SMA T-shirt, all you need to do is Tweet, Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat your photo to let the whole world know how much you love Stone Mountain Adventures. To stay connected, make sure you tag SMA, your camp friends, and @CampTShirtDay – and make sure you include #SMA, #SMATeenCamp #CampTShirtDay in all of your posts! Once you’ve tagged your friends, Stone Mountain Adventures, and @CampTShirtDay, just sit back and watch the magic happen. If you’re super excited about the camp spirit, you might just have to take another photo and jump in again!

Horseback Riding Summer Camp


 Horseback Riding Summer Camp 


Mountain Biking Summer Camp


Rock Climbing Summer Camp


Summer Camp for Teenagers


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