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Session 2 Update: SMA Rock Climbing Teen Camp

Posted by Jud Millar on Fri, Jul 17, 2020

SMA 2020 is off to an amazing start! The first week has been the perfect escape from the new and stressful world around us. At camp, instead of watching funny shows on Netflix campers are making their own skits that make us laugh even more, instead of at home workout videos we’re sprinting to capture the flag, and instead of listening to the news we’re listening to funny stories of the day while we all sit together at evening meeting. Never before have we all needed the joy and adventure of SMA quite this much!

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A group of male Campers pose for a picture.


The past week has been full of engaging and exciting activities: we’ve gone hiking at the 1,000 steps hike (there’s really 1,045!) and Rocky Ridge; the mountain bike masters have hit the tough trails at Allegrippis and others have enjoyed wild raspberries along the rails to trails route; climbers have been working hard and conquering challenges and fears down at Donation Rocks; artists have been making wire sculptures and jewelry (and hundreds of friendship bracelets of course!); canoers have been splashing along the Juniata finding turtles, frogs and, otters; riders have been trotting around and caring for their horses with Pam; Wakemasters have been shredding the gnar and getting towed towards their goals; everyone has been stand-up-paddle-boarding and being thrown off the magic carpet at Raystown; and we’ve loved the countless soccer, volleyball, ultimate frisbee, knockout, frisbee golf, and Spikeball games!




A group of Teen female Campers pose for picture


Everyone is looking forward to the coming week full of more party washes, surprise evening activities, and the fan favorite white water rafting trip  Although there have been many changes here at SMA to keep us all safe in our COVID19-free bubble, including the daily jelly bean and temperature checks and mandatory hand washing, the changing times have helped us be even more creative in making our own fun! The brand new SMA Canteen is chock full of snacks and is definitely going to be an SMA staple, and campers are psyched for the much anticipated Spikeball tournament  This has been a wonderful week amid a difficult time, and we all feel so lucky to get to escape, play, laugh, and grow together here at Old Hawn Road.


A group of Teen female Campers pose for a picture.


A group of male Teen Campers pose for a picture.


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