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Session 3, 2020 Slideshow: Summer Camps for Teens

Posted by Jud Millar on Wed, Sep 16, 2020

All of us at Stone Mountain Adventures Summer Camp for Teens are thrilled to share the Session 3, 2020 Slideshow... enjoy!



Sasha Helfgott-Waters SMA Session 3 Reflection:

For me, coming to SMA was a fairly last minute decision but it turns out it was a great one.  I am very glad that I found this awesome camp. SMA has given me the opportunity to reconnect with the adventurous, fun and a more open version of myself that I want to always be. Over the past two weeks that I have been here, I have been reminded what real friendship looks like and reminded of the kindness and happiness that real friends bring into your life. Camp has been an overall amazing experience not just because of the people I met but because the activities and overall camp activities. SMA has also been a great place to reconnect with old sports/activities that I love to do such as rock climbing and art. I also had many opportunities to try new things; personally my favorite activity was the wake boarding overnight. All in all camp has been an amazing experience and I hope I have the opportunity to come back to SMA Summer Camps for Teens next summer!


Seamus Lee Henry SMA Session 3 Reflection:

As a first year camper, being a part of the SMA community has been amazing. This year has been extremely stressful and turbulent from politics to corona virus. SMA has been a breath of fresh air that I’m sure everyone has needed. I honestly have been able to become a better person in two weeks. Finding a love for rock climbing, watching the stars, hiking, talking after dark, going on walks, everything has been great.... I made some great friends at SMA.  I've been reminded of who I am, who I really am. Its something I think everyone needs to be reminded of. Perhaps then, the world would be a better place.


A screenshot of Stone Mountain Adventures Crazy Covid19 Summer Session 3, 2020 video


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