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Session 3 All Camp Day at SMA Rock Climbing Teen Camp!

Posted by Jud Millar on Sat, Aug 13, 2022

            Although we were sad to see session 3 come to an end, we were very excited to kickstart session 4! This session has been full of excitement and eagerness to try new activities while having fun. We have the first week of 4th session under our belts with some campers coming and going today. It is hard to say goodbye to people who have to leave but we are ecstatic to have new smiling bright faces join us at SMA. There a fewer campers this session compared to last, but the energy is still through the roof.


Rock Climbing Teen Camp (2)



Rock Climbing Teen Camp (3)



A very popular activity this session is Rock Climbing with JJ at Donation Rocks!  Camper have also been challenging themselves Mountain Biking.  We have some campers who have been enjoying Art Studio as well.  Campers use this time to make all sorts of fun crafts. The ever-popular friendship bracelets, aquariums, and bird houses are a handful of projects that have been done during art studio. 


Rock Climbing Teen Camp (6)



Rock Climbing Teen Camp (5)




Rock Climbing Teen Camp (1)



We have had two incredible overnights go out so far this session. We had a wakeboarding and a canoeing one go out. It was a great night for both overnights, no rain and an impeccable night sky full of a lot of shooting stars. This week has been filled with laughs and good times!


.Rock Climbing Teen Camp (7)



Rock Climbing Teen Camp (8)


        Hacky sack has gained a lot interest this session. We may not be able to keep it up that long, but we try our best and laugh through all the false hits and misses. In the near future we have tons of fun activities planned. We are thrilled to go white water rafting again and we can’t wait to see every one’s skills at the talent show. We are all Pumped for the last week of summer 2022 to start!


Rock Climbing Teen Camp (4)


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