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White Water Rafting in the Rain SMA2 2015: Adventure Teen Summer Camp

Posted by Jud Millar on Wed, Mar 4, 2015

A group of Campers White Water RaftingOnce each session at SMA Teen Summer Camp we launch our whole camp onto the Class III rapids of the Lower Youghiogheny River (often referred to as “The Yock”) for a seven mile white water roller coaster ride.  Nothing really compares to the exhilaration of entering the “white water world” and powering through rapids.

As we prepared to go white water rafting during Session 2 of 2015 this year it started to rain during our safety talk guides.  As you can see from the photo below this wasn't just rain, we were experiencing an official Pennsylvania Downpour.  As you can imagine camp spirits were low for the moment as we all anticipated 5 hours of paddling in the rain and all the shivers and teeth chattering that comes along with it.  

Before long we all had paddles, helmets, raft captains and were in our boats receiving final safety instructions.  The first rapid of the day is long winding rapid appropriately called "Entrance Rapids".  As we all struggled and paddled it continued to rain like a monsoon.  



Campers standing in the rain while listening to briefing about white water rafting safety

 SMA Campers and Staff Standing in the Rain During our White Water Safety Briefing

Luckily this story does have a Happy Ending because by the time we started our 2nd rapid of the day the rain had stopped.  By the 3rd rapid of the day there were even a few rays of sunshine pocking through the clouds!  It was a fantastic day on you river for all of from SMA Adventure Summer Camp!!

A group of Campers in a white water rafting session.

Helmets and life jackets are worn by everyone for safety, and professional guides ensure a safe and exciting voyage.  SMA Overnight Summer Camp

A picture of a group to teen Campers white water rafting.White water rafting the Lower Youghiogheny River is one of the activities we do as an entire camp towards the end of each session. SMA White Water Rafting Camp.  

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 “The Yock” is a world class intermediate white water river perfect for young teens. 

A group of teen Campers in a white water rafting session.

 “The Yock” is located in South Western PA in Ohiopyle State Park
A group of Campers in a white water rafting session.
After every stretch of white water there is a calm stretch where we can re-group and get prepped for the next rapid. SMA is an awesome Adventure Teen Summer Camp
A group of Campers in a white water session.
Our guides provide us with a hearty lunch half way down the river and some days they even let us surf “Swimmers Rapids” which is a small, constant wave in the river.
A group  of Campers in a white water rafting session.
It is a highlight of camp that only reconfirms the bonds everyone has made with each other. As one of the most exciting activities we do at camp, whitewater rafting is guaranteed to increase your heart rate!
A group of Campers in a white water session.

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