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SMA 2014 Session 2 Memory Book: Read about Campers amazing experiences

Posted by Jud Millar on Mon, Sep 22, 2014

 A group of Campers in the camp t-shirt pose for a picture.


I met so many new people and even tried some new things at camp. Bowling was a lot of fun, and rafting was the best yet. Even though I came into this session already close friends with Alex, we both made friends with all of the new and returning people in 2nd session. This will probably be my last time at SMA and I’ve had a great time this summer. I’m really going to miss summers at Stone Mountain, but all the time I have been here was awesome.  

Mathilde V.

This was my 3rd year at SMA Teen Summer Camp, and I just realized how much I love Alex Leonard. We have spent every single day together and my realization made me realize something else (basically like Inception). It’s of being woken up by the Birdy song (which I have a love-hate relationship with) and eating grilled cheese at lunch and straight chillin’ at windsurf/sail and Walmart and the Yough and paper plates, and I just realized how much I love just about everything here. I thought I knew everything about this place but every year I come, I find out little things that make my love for you guys and everything here grow. I can’t wait until the next 2 sessions and next year and every single session I come back until I am a super camper (hopefully) because SMA is my summer home and it always will be.



Second session this year was a lot of fun. It was nice to come back and see my friends. I cannot wait to come back as a counselor and uphold the many traditions I have been a part of.


This is my third year at SMA. I love it here and it is so much fun and I can’t wait to come back as a counselor in 2020. These two weeks have been great and I met so many new people. I am really bad at pranks! Lucy is the best!



During these two weeks at this awesome camp, I liked lots of activities, but my favorite ones were rock climbing which I tried for the first time here and it was awesome. And I really loved the wakeboarding on the wake overnight, I’ve never done it before and when I stood up it was amazing. For the evening activity I really liked the bowling it was so much fun. I have lots of great memories of these two weeks: spending great time with friends, having fun on the activities, trying a lot of new things at this camp and in my life. Also for me, as a foreign camper it was really good to speak English everyday with the natives. I progressed in speaking and understanding. I think it is a very good point of spending time here, besides having fun etc. During this session I’ve done some accomplishments, like trying lots of new things, for instance, rafting or wakeboarding, which I really loved. It was great and so much fun! At this camp everybody is kind and nice to spend time with, so I’ve got lots of great friends that are really cool. I have great friends with whom I can talk after the camp and it’s awesome. SMA is a great and amazing summer camp in which you can spend an awesome time with friends, trying new things and just having fun. I really loved the time I spent at SMA. It was fabulous and unforgettable.   



Second session was awesome! The first week was okay, but the second week was awesome. I made some awesome friends, especially this girl that didn’t say a word the entire first week. After the first week she opened up and we became best friends! Eliza  is now my best friend and she is coming back 4th session. We became inseparable and I even did my first hair wrap on her. We went rock climbing together. I am proud to say that I climbed the whole way to the top of a rock, made a human friend, cantered Gator, got Lewis in the barn, getting mistaken as a 3rd year, and also, possibly starting a new tradition. Besides Horsemasters, rock climbing was probably my favorite activity.


Eliza My first year at SMA was awesome. It was difficult to adjust at first, but toward the end of the first week it got so much better. All the counselors and campers are especially nice and welcoming. My best friend was someone who seemed to know everything and everyone. After spending all of laundry day together, we instantly became best friends and have been inseparable since. Having a best friend made the whole experience better. It pulled me out of my shell and opened me up to others. I could not be happier about sharing more of myself with everyone. We went rock climbing the other day with only four other people, Fish and Brenna. One of the best days was by far the Yough. In my van there were counselors that I loved and my closest friends. We sang and danced and laughed the whole way there and it was amazing. Overall, I could not be happier with my decision to stay and I love it here.  



Wakemasters is awesome. You’re in the lake just relaxing. It’s fun, but being on the wakeboard is better. I got some sick air and had some crazy falls, but it’s worth it.   



My two weeks at SMA have been great. I have participated in many activities such as Wakemasters, canoeing, and white water rafting. The people here are all so nice to each other and it feels like one big family. Before I came to SMA, I was going through some rough times, but the counselors helped me get through it. All in all, I loved the first two weeks and I hope the next two weeks are the same.



During the past few weeks I have had a lot of good times. Wakeboarding with Lindsay and Tim was my favorite activity to do here at camp. I loved biking and building the trails and swimming in the lake. I hope to come back next year.



I rode horses. I also slept in a hammock. I liked eating. I touched one of the chickens without it running. A fun place to get away is called SMA.



My favorite activities at SMA are Wakemasters and windsurf/sail. I love hanging out on the boat all day with the Wakemasters group and watching everyone wakeboard and wake surf. My best memories are from just talking at night with the guys from the Crow’s Nest and also from all the van rides and especially the van ride to and from white water rafting. During this session, I tried making friends with most of the people at camp or at least to have a good relationship with them. I’m really happy that I was able to learn how to wake surf with the help of Lindsay and also that I was able to climb to the top of the rock climbing wall. To me, SMA is a place where I can be free and have lots of fun with all my friends and people that I like and do lots of activities all together. I’m going to miss everybody here and also all the counselors and I hope to see all of them again in the future.        



These two weeks at camp were so amazing. I got to accomplish a lot of things I never thought I’d do, for example, white water rafting or horseback riding. I also met a lot of new people and realized how many people I have missed out on meeting. I love this camp and I definitely want to come back next year. Everyone here treats you as if you’re really special. I’m going to miss this place because it really feels like home. I also loved the talent show and the time I got to spend with my new friends.


This was my first year at SMA and I loved it so much and I will come back next year. I loved mountain biking and windsurf/sail. I will miss this camp but look forward to next year.



SMA is a great place that I’m glad to be able to go. The friends you make here last for a very long time and are different from friends you make at school and in other parts of life because you live with them for a short period of time instead of seeing them sometimes for a long period of time. People at camp become like family. It’s funny because at the beginning of this session, everyone was so quiet. I was worried that this wouldn’t happen. However, it still happened and I am glad I decided to come back this year.



My favorite activities were the rafting and capture the flag. My best memory was the game at the canoe overnight. Here, the counselors are so cool. I’m more friends with the French people because I don’t speak English very well. In SMA, I improved my English and I found new friends. I’m happy to be here.

 A group of Campers in the camp t-shirt pose for a picture.


My name is Antoine and I arrived in the middle of the second session. What I loved at SMA during this session was the different activities. It’s awesome. All the campers were sociable and came to see me. SMA is like a big family. Here, I could improve my English and make new relationships with people from other countries.    



For the past two weeks I have been doing the most adventurous activities. I did some crazy jumps on the wakeboard, learned how to wake surf, and got some more experience rock climbing and mountain biking, and many, many more. This is my 3rd year at SMA and it has been one of the best. As a 3rd year, you get many more privileges such as trust, doing paper plates, and being a good role model for the younger campers. Every summer I wait for the first day of camp. This camp is a vacation in its own. The counselors this year have been amazing and so have the campers. Life at SMA is the best thing ever, and everyone should come out to SMA.



This session, I met so many amazing people. I really enjoyed getting to know the new faces and seeing the returners. Some of my favorite activities that I had were Horsemasters, paper plates, sports, and the overnight. My favorite memory was when I went on the wakeboarding overnight and it rained so we had to come back to camp. It’s my favorite because we all worked as a team to take down camp in the pouring rain. All the friendships that I’ve made at SMA and this session mean so much to me because I know that everyone here will always be there when I need them. When I think of the friends I’ve made at SMA and SMA in general it reminds me of a 2nd family. I hope everyone has a great year and I’ll get to see everyone in 2015.



During SMA I have met lots of new people and friends from all over. My favorite activity was windsurf/sail. I also liked white water rafting even if it was freezing rain in the beginning. My best memory was the pranks.  



 I am so happy that I could come here for a 3rd year this year! I had so much fun doing Wakemasters and getting to bring my own wakeboard to work with. It was really fun getting to meet new first years and other people who I have heard about but not met. When I came to camp I was really upset about being a 3rd year, 14 year old in Rothrock, but everyone was really cool and that didn’t stop me from making other friends. Last year, I wrote a quote in Rothrock which said, “SMA is my home. And that home in Virginia? That’s my home away from home,” and I still believe that is true.


Ben W.

SMA is a great summer camp for teenagers! This past month was great. From riding Allegrippis to hanging out with Lucas, Chris, Jeremy, Liam, and everyone else including staff. I will remember SMA forever.



When I arrived here for the second time at SMA (this is my second year), I was immediately welcomed and felt right at home. Of course I had high points and low points, but I will always remember the good times I had. The people here actually listen to you than just waiting for their turn to speak which I find amazing. Unlike many summer camps, SMA stresses the values of kindness and pushes you to pass your limits. I can safely say that I have done activities and experiences that I would have never done if I did not come here. Overall, I find SMA to be a phenomenal place and can’t wait for my fourth total session here.


I had tons of fun with my friends and counselors. These experiences included pranks, white water rafting, the Amish market, mud soccer, and wakeboarding. Secret friends was funny. My favorite moments were when Germany won the World Cup and the mud soccer game.



This is my second session at SMA this summer. I loved it so much. I’m seriously going to miss everyone who was here. The amount of people was perfect, not too much and not too little. I had so much fun doing activities with these awesome people. The Frenchies this year were so cool. Some of them even got better at speaking English during their time here. I loved the new kids and I’ll like the returning ones just as much. A few of the people who were here who I became closer friends with were Noe, Bonnie, and Theo. I had a lot of fun with them. I have a great bunny named Tyrone. I loved this session so much and I wish my friends wouldn’t leave because I’ll miss them so much. I love you all.



Life is very good at camp. The activities here are very cool. You will also like the counselors here a lot.



During my two weeks at camp I had so much fun. I made lots of friends like Chris, Connor, Daniel, and many more. My favorite activity was windsurf/sail. I had so much fun and can’t wait to come back.



I tried to do some cool things this session like rock climbing. Last year at SMA, I couldn’t climb for my life. This year I went up four separate rock trails. It was very fun and I would like to pursue it next year.


I’ve been at SMA for four weeks now. I never want to leave. The activities here are really fun. I’ve made so many friends that I know are going to be lifelong friends. I can’t wait to come back next year.



I want to thank all the staff and Jud and all of the campers for this experience that I will never forget because this camp is the best camp I’ve ever been to. My first week was very difficult for me to be so far from my city and my family. I didn’t understand anything, but I have learned so much and I met people that are so cool, funny, and friendly. I’m staying here for one more session and I am so happy and excited. Thank you for all.

A group of Campers and a canine posing a picture. 


During my two weeks at SMA 2 week teen summer camp there have been many ups and downs. We’ve white water rafted, ate ice cream, had many van jam sessions, and so much more. At SMA, we are given the opportunity to do so many activities and Jud always finds a way to make us appreciate it and give back to the wonderful community that hosts us. This includes doing a variety of different service projects. Thank you so much Jud, Anne, and all the marvelous staff for making this place we call home possible. Thank you for making Stone Mountain Adventures possible.



This first session at SMA was amazing. Horseback riding in the morning was great: thanks, Pam! This time I did almost all the activities so I’m gonna have the SMA water bottle! I don’t really have a favorite activity. One of my best memories is disco bowling. I’ve made a lot of friends who are awesome!! Thanks everybody at this camp: Jud, Anne, Pam, Biff, and all the counselors! I love you!!



For the past two weeks I had tons of fun with my friends and counselors. These experiences included white water rafting, the Amish market, wakeboarding, and candle lights. I loved how you can be yourself and love or be loved. SMA is by far my favorite camp.



This camp is the best summer camp ever. I’ve never gone to a camp like SMA. There are a lot of activities and we have a lot of fun everyday. In the camp there are just 50 campers and it’s the perfect number. My favorite activities are wakeboarding, climbing, canoeing, and all activities. I have a lot of best memories, for example, my first time canoeing or the candle night. The best high points are the counselors like James and Lucy. They are a lot of fun and always smile, all the counselors were awesome. It’s wonderful. All the people at SMA were very cool and nice. Thank you very much, Stone Mountain Adventures.


During my two weeks at this camp I enjoyed the different activities. The counselors are always friendly and funny. Everyone knows everyone because this is a small camp. That is better than a big camp where nobody knows anyone. The ambiance is so cool with music everywhere. I became friends with so many American boys and girls. My favorite is Trevor. He is the best. He is the first American who came to speak to me and Noe. He is funny.

 A group of Campers river rafting.


I am a first time camper. When I arrived here at SMA 2 week summer camp  I was immediately mobbed by a group of “Happy Campers” that soon became my friends and family. I will be so sad to leave, but will be super excited to come back next year. Thanks to all who made this awesome year possible.



These two weeks were just awesome, everyone was so cool. I’ve found so many friends; I’ve learned English and the activities were so fun. So, thank you very much. Best activity: Rafting. Best memory: Canoeing overnight.




I only stayed at this camp for two weeks, but it was the best two weeks ever. I made lots of friends and enjoyed all the activities. Also, my favorite activities include wakeboarding and climbing. My best memory of this year was all the laughs.




This session was very exciting. I remember the happiness I felt when I first stood up on the wakeboard and the thrill of rafting in the rain. I had fun on the activities this summer.






Session two of SMA during the year of 2014 was extremely fun. I made lots of friends that were campers and counselors. The counselors are really fun and allow us to be free people. There were lots of fun activities that I did such as waterskiing, mud soccer, canoeing, talent show, and white water rafting. That’s only a few of the activities that we did this session, and I am so excited to do it again next session. Session two of 2014 was a blast!



Even though I was here for only a week I still had a lot of fun. All camp day was fun because that was my first day there of the session. I also loved white water rafting and my raft. I loved the fun van rides that were party vans and the animals here.



Stone Mountain Adventures is an incredible summer camp for teeangers and is one of the happiest places. Everything here is so much fun. In my normal life, I am filled with technology and electronics. SMA helps experience the environment around me. I have learned so much in the past two weeks. I did mountain biking, climbing, rafting and many other things. I have learned to adjust and I am more comfortable with who I am. I have so many memories that I want to take home with me. I never want to forget these amazing moments. It helped me grow emotionally and mentally. This will always be my summer home and I hope I can come back next year.

 A group of Campers river rafting.


Ok, I had so much fun here at SMA! I made a bunch of friends and by the end of the session I knew everyone’s name. A favorite activity, wow that’s really hard. I am having quite a bit of trouble choosing between white water rafting and Horsemasters. One of my best memories was hippie Horsemasters, it was amazing! I have a lot of high points one of them being spending time with Alyna on trouble rock and she made me join the talent show, which I am now glad she did. One of my best memories was calling my dad and him telling me that he thinks we’ve found the right summer camp. I had the best time here and I made so many memories that I hope will be joined by new ones in the future! I love SMA!



Being here is the best! This is my home away from home. I loved doing white water rafting for the 3rd time and also rock climbing for the first time! It was very fun, even though it took me 15 minutes to climb the easiest rock. Canoeing, tie-dye, and arts and crafts were also fun. I am coming back next year!


I really enjoyed my experience at camp. Some of my favorite activities were white water rafting. Also, I really liked windsurf/sail. This session I made so many great friendships that will probably last forever. I really loved this session.


My favorite activity is rock climbing. My fondest memories are white water rafting and dancing. I befriended a lot of counselors and campers.

 A group of Campers river rafting.


Being at SMA really changed me these last couple of years. Being a third year, SMA wasn’t really the way I remembered it to be. Even though it wasn’t the same, I still loved it. Second session 2014 will always be a great memory for me.        



After just a few days I knew I never wanted to leave SMA 2 Week Summer Camp. I knew I would come back year after year and then come back as a counselor to give future kids the wonderful experience that I had and will continue to have in coming years. Everyone was so welcoming and kids I had met on the first day made me feel like I’d known them for years already. I tried so many things I had never done before and most likely never would have done otherwise. Even things I, at first, didn’t want to do ended up being so much more fun than I ever could have thought. Words cannot even fully describe how amazing this place is and I can’t even begin to list all of the memories, inside jokes, and amazing times I’ve had here. I’m staying for two more weeks, but I’m already looking forward to coming back next year. SMA has been some of the best times of my life.



Activities are fun as always like windsurf/sail, rock climbing, etc. I am bringing my bunny home with me, so that’s awesome. Everyone here is so, so, so nice and I can definitely say SMA is my home for the summer and I love everyone here like family.

 A group of Campers river rafting.


 A few of my favorite activities include rock climbing and swimming. Best memories were using my silly string that I bought from Walmart and spraying everyone, but I always had to clean up. A high point is that I really enjoyed the activities. A personal accomplishment was making new friends. I made lots of friendships during this session. 


This session was very fun. I got to try new things like mountain biking. White water rafting was fun as always.


 A group of Campers river rafting


SMA is neat and Jud is cool. I recommend this camp. Noe and Jeremy were good friends of mine.


Alex L.

During my second session, Jacob and I ate 25 servings of Chex mix. I was voted most likely to be a counselor, which was cool because the counselors here are funny and eat as much as me.      



Our Star Staff Team of 2014

take time to tell you about the

awesome activities of

Stone Mountain Adventures!





This session in Session 2 Sailing, we played hard and sailed hard in the afternoon sun. Campers of all ages were catching the wind in their sails, either on the sunfish sail boats or wind surf boards, and cruising the lake like absolute pros. If the wind was low no worries were felt - our stand up paddle board and kayaks rode smoothly in Raystown's warm water. Nothing but stellar times were had this session on Sailing!



We kicked off session two with a great river hike at Shingletown Gap trail. It was a great chance to begin bonding with all our new campers. We also climbed the thousands steps twice this session. Both climbs were filled with great views, stories, and songs! Thanks for a great session of hiking!


The Amish Market

The Amish Market never disappoints and is definitely the one activity the campers always look forward to. It's a great place for the campers and counselors to have a morning out of camp while enjoying the sights, the sounds and of course the food at the Amish Market. It gives the campers a chance to be exposed to a completely different culture that they may never have experienced and that is always worthwhile. And the fact that Roy acquired our camp bunnies with henna glasses on his face was the icing on the cake for this session. 

 A group of Campers river rafting.


What a wonderful, fun-filled session this was for 2014 SMA Horse Masters! So much laughter, commitment, hard work, and horse-bonding took place over the past two weeks. The average day in the barn would begin with the morning poop-scooping, tack room sweeping, and barn cleaning followed by, everyone’s favorite part, hanging out with the horses. The lovely campers who participated in Horse Masters would prepare for their morning of horse-human bonding with a thorough grooming followed by tacking their individual horses up for each lesson. Every rider was matched specifically with horses that challenged them as riders and horsemen/women. As riding instructors we worked together with the riders and horses to facilitate an environment where they could strive to reach and accomplish their personal goals as well as enjoying their time in and around the barn! The riders had the opportunity to work on a basic balanced seat, practice skills such as posting trot, half seat, and vertical far, and work on their jumping technique using multiple obstacles. Some of the other fun activities that the Horse Masters participated in were riding bareback, lounge lessons, and trail riding. Of course this session wasn’t all about sweat and hard work as we had fun the barn everyday!  With all their hard work, team-work, cooperation, and positive energy, this session was definitely one of the most memorable and special.


Canoeing this session was exceptional – we floated trips on the little Juniata and Raystown Lake branch for canoeing trips. We set “float” in groups no bigger than 12 campers because it allows us to stay in an intimate sized group for our trips, making it fun and safe. The river is usually very calm and campers can get out and swim as leisure on the river during the activity which makes is sooo fun since it usually is humid and hot.  While on the Raystown Lake Branch, campers and staff can relax as well as paddle under bridges and through pretty scenery down to The Point where we can swim and catch some rays before loading up and heading back for lunch.

 A group of Campers posing for a picture.


Fishing at Stone Mountain is not just for the fisherman and fisherwoman… fishing is for anyone who wants to learn how to cast a rod and relax while waiting for the perfect bite. We headed down to the Raystown Lake Branch of the Juniata and casted off at multiple locations along the bank trying to find the perfect spot – turns out the camper favorite was a spot under the bridge we canoe past.  The fishing there isn’t the best but the shade is nice – the grass green- and there are also berries we picked while fishing there.

A few of the campers had a little luck fishing off the bridge because they could get a deeper part of the river, we caught a few small mouths and numerous crayfish during our days fishing.



Wakemasters was an incredible time and had great success! All the wakemasters worked really hard to achieve personal goals every time we were on the boat.  We spent time learning the importance of taking care of the boat and the equipment we used. It was a great time teaching them how to initially get up on the wakeboard or water skis. Also we taught them how to go in and out of the wake, jumping the wake and to just have a great time together on the boat. It was a pleasure being on the boat with them and seeing them achieve those goals they set for themselves.  SMA is an incredible Wakeboarding Summer Camp for Teens!



Art Studio

Arts and crafts this session was incredible! We continued our love for friendship bracelets, while many campers branched out from the Chinese staircase pattern to more difficult designs. Especially fun about second session was the start of a new trend: hair wraps. Many girls (and boys!) were styling a line of color in their hair. Similarly, thanks to the generosity of Sigapi, we began giving and receiving henna tattoos. And like every session, we had fun tie-dying and making gifts for secret friends.


Community Service Projects

At SMA we are grateful for the opportunity we all have to go rock climbing, sailing, and spend time with friends for two weeks. In order to take care of and give back to our community we like to take an afternoon or two out of our activity-packed schedule to take part in service projects. During Session Two we had groups or campers and counselors working together on SMA's very own bike trail, cleaning trash out of the Little Juniata River, giving out free lemonade for donations to Alex's Lemonade Stand and visiting the elderly at Elmcroft Senior Living Center in close by Ducansville. We also brought some more color to the horse barn doing small painting projects for Pam that all the horses and Horsemasters can enjoy. Service projects are a great way to give a small contribution to our community and grow closer to our camp mates while having a blast!


Rock Climbing

Rock climbing this session was so much fun having gone through one session already it was sweet to watch the campers who already climbed here help the new campers. We also tried new climbs like the infamous Shark’s Tooth and the Africa wall! I’m so proud of everyone who tried climbing and pushed themselves to the edge, keep on climbing and ROCK ON!!!

White Water Rafting

As we arrived in Ohiopyle, PA, to embark on another adventure on the lower Yough, the skies opened and it poured. It wasn’t pleasant to put our lifejackets on in the rain, but the awesome SMA staff got all of the campers pumped up for the day ahead with high levels of enthusiasm. There were fears that the rain might continue the whole day, however just as the river guide finished his safety talk and we were about to get into the Yough the rain stopped, and the sun began to break out. It was perfect. The water levels were high which meant less getting stuck in shallow water which can be challenging. This was an awesome day on the river, each boat was captained by a fearless counselor and the campers for the most part followed their orders to make it through each rapid. The rivalry between each raft is always entertaining competitive in a fun way. Even though this was the second time on the Yough for some people this summer it is still just as good as the first and it is a day that campers and counselors look forward to all session. 


Mountain Biking and Mountain Bike Masters

Mountain biking was great this session.  We only had one camper in the mountain biking masters program so we spent a lot of time together on the trails and got really close in doing so.  This camper was also very helpful when other campers accepted the challenge of riding the Allegrippis Trails!  It was so fun to be out on the trails with new campers.  We also did a lot of work on the SMA Mountain Biking Trail this summer and that was awesome.  We got to the point where we were doing time trials on the SMA bike trail and having a blast!


Evening Activities

While campers spread out throughout the days at camp for their morning and afternoon activities, evening activities always remained as the time of day when all of camp would come together to share in an experience as a whole group. There was always a yell of excitement when Jud announced evening activities, and from Jud Games to Disco Bowling, we were always kept on our toes. We witnessed some advertising magic at Invention Convention, competition at Capture the Flag, and interesting skills at the Talent Show. There was also, of course, a whole lot of bunk junk. Regardless of what the evening activity was, it always felt good to return to camp and get to sleep after a long day’s play.



Sports were a camp staple during Session 2 of SMA 2014. Campers were flexible as staff members tried out new sporting locations all over Huntingdon. Epic games of ultimate frisbee, softball, and soccer graced the countryside. Volleyball tournaments were especially competitive, with enthusiastic cheering and spirit drawing laughter from surprised passers by. But even the most determined contest ended with smiles and handshakes all around. By far one of the most rewarding things was, in the evenings before bed, still hearing campers talking about goals that were scored during morning activities. It truly was a joy of a session!

Wakeboarding and Waterskiing

It was so exciting getting out on the NEW boat this year to drive and instruct in wakeboarding and waterskiing. Whether you were brand new to the boat or more experienced everyone that had the chance to get out there really enjoyed their time. It was amazing to see the smiles on the camper’s faces when they got up or when they felt comfortable enough to try and cross the wake. It was so rewarding to see the progress the kids made in such a small amount of time. Getting out during overnights was the crew’s favorite time. Nothing is better than late day and early morning boat time! Just about every person we put in the water had success. Even if they couldn’t get up on the board or skis, belly whomping was an amazing time. The boat really provided some of the high points of the session.  


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