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Greenwich HS Summerfare: Learn about the Date, and Venue of the Event.

Posted by Jud Millar on Wed, Feb 1, 2023



SMA Teen Summer Camp will be attending the Greenwich High School Camp Fair know as the "Summerfare" on Wednesday, February 1st, 2023 from 6:00 - 8:00 PM.  Come see Camp Director and Owner Jud Millar at the Summerfare!


Wednesday, February 1st 
6:00 - 8:00 PM


GHS Student Center
10 Hillside Road
Greenwich, CT 06830


The Greenwhich High School Camp Fair is called the "Summerfare".  The Summer faire is an evening for exhibitors to present materials and talk with public and private elementary, middle and upper / high school students and their parents about summer programs, internships, and camp opportunities.  There will be representative from 

  • Day Camps
  • Sleepaway Camps
  • Travel Programs
  • Academic Programs
  • Wilderness Programs 
  • And More!

The Summerfare is promoted throughout Fairfield County with ads placed in local newspapers, magazines and online news feeds. Over 6,000 invitations are sent to Greenwich Public School families and private school families are notified as well.




A group of Campers pose for a picture








Cherry, Wilmington, DE

SMA Teen Summer Camp has to be one of my most favorite places on Earth and because of this, there’s so much I love about this place. SMA never runs out of fun activities to do and it never has dull moments. My most favorite activities had to be ones that involved water because we all secretly know that I’m actually a mermaid. I especially loved wakeboarding the most out of all the activities even though I wasn’t a wakemaster. I loved wakeboarding the most because it reminds me of skateboarding and I just love gliding across the water and feeling the cool misty breeze across my face. I also really loved the overnights because I love camping so much and you get to know people better on the overnights. Other things that I enjoyed were the van rides and listening to cool music, spoiling my secret friend, white water rafting, and especially all of the animals. But what I enjoyed the most was bonding with old friends and making new friends because these friendships are what make camp fun and memorable and they’re long-lasting. I don’t think I’ll ever forget this place and the memories established here. Thank you SMA Teen Camp!


Emmeline, Washington, DC

SMA Overnight Camp has been a fantastic experience for me. When I first arrived, I was pretty nervous for it is very different from anything I have tried before. Yet instantly, the counselors were incredibly welcoming. When I arrived in the cabin, Alex L. instantly befriended us and, being an experienced camper, she showed Camilla and me around. I am so glad I became friends with her! Then, Lindsay convinced me to do Wakemasters. That was easily one of the best decisions I have made. Being close to Lindsay made this camp experience even better. I also became close with James, calling him Dad, which was a lot of fun. Then Melissa slept in our bunk and I also fell in love with her. These counselors are just some of the many things that make this camp great. Whether it was chatting with Josh Love in the van or playing an insane nukem game with Tom, this camp has easily been the highlight of my summer. I love SMA and I also made other amazing friends!


Kat, Cincinnati, OH

This was my first year at SMA Teen Summer Camp and I had many new friends within my first hour of being here. I like how we can choose our own activities instead of a set routine. I made great friends such as: Becca, Shira, Kat F., Mirena, Ally, and Noa. We made our own cabin rules and it was really fun when people would go on overnights and there weren’t many people. It was nice to get to know people outside of my cabin and I even became really close to them. The van rides were even fun! Especially the long one to and from white water rafting with Mirena. I got to try new things that I never would have done before. We had movie night and bunk junk and roller skating. I had a really great summer at SMA.


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