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SMA Teen Camp to Start an "Adopt a Possum" Program...

Posted by Jud Millar on Sun, Apr 1, 2018

All of us at Stone Mountain Adventures are excited to announce that for the summer of 2018 we are starting an "Adopt a Possum" Program. This program will replace the very popular "Adopt a Bunny Rabbit" Program which has been operating since the founding of Stone Mountain Adventures in 1983.  


Why Start the "Adopt a Possum" Program Now?

We have decided to start this program at SMA Summer Camp for Teenagers now as a way to educate our campers and staff about the oft-misunderstood marsupial. The possum is frequently perceived more as a large, dirty, scavenging rat rather than a cute creature of the wild. Did you know that the possum is North America’s only marsupial and it has a set of unique characteristics that might transform aversion into affection?

Teen-CampHow Will the Adopt a Possum Program Work?

This program will operate similar to the much beloved "Adopt a Bunny Rabbit" Program. On the first full day of activities during "The Power Hour of Freedom" we will hold an Adopt a Possum meeting. During this meeting camp counselors will explain in detail the responsibilities and privileges that campers will have if they choose to adopt a possum. Often campers will find a partner or more to join them in adopting a possum so they can share the daily responsibilities. Campers who choose to adopt a possum will sign an "Adoption Agreement" which binds them to the responsibilities during their time at SMA. 

What are the Positive Traits of a Possum Anyway?

  • 2-week-summer-camps-for-teensNatural immunity. Due to a low body temperature possums are mostly immune to rabies, and, in fact, they are eight times less likely to carry rabies compared to wild dogs.
  • They Eat Deer Ticks. Possums are one of the few animals that eat ticks for food. A single possum can kill thousands of ticks each week, inhibiting the spread of Lyme Disease to humans.
  • New Call-to-actionAll thumbs. The opossum has opposable "thumbs." The opossum's "thumbs" (called halux) are on its rear feet (so, technically they're toes), and abet the opossum’s formidable climbing skills. Primates and opossums are the only mammals with opposable first toes.
  • Fun fact - a group of opossums is called a passel.
  • Ancient Animals - Based on fossil records, opossums are very old animals and one of the oldest types of mammals. They were present on the earth at the same time when dinosaurs lived.


Is it Possum or Opossum?

The name “possum” is a misnomer. The American possum is actually called an “opossum,” but for some reason they’re commonly referred to as possums. Real possums are actually the common brushtail possum, or trichosurus vulpecula, an entirely different species from Australia.

What does "Playing Possum" Mean?

When threatened or harmed, these animals will "play possum," mimicking the appearance and smell of a sick or dead animal. The lips are drawn back, teeth are bared, saliva foams around the mouth, and a foul-smelling fluid is secreted from the anal glands. Although the word “play” suggests a conscious act, this defense mechanism is actually a completely involuntary and automatic physiological response to danger.

What's the Date? How Long Until Camp Begins?



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Happy April 1st!

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