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SMA Teen Summer Camp Announces Dates for Summer 2015

Posted by Jud Millar on Thu, Sep 18, 2014

Stone Mountain Adventures, an overnight teen summer camp in Pennsylvania serving 12 to 16 year olds, is excited to announce our dates for summer 2015:


Session 1 (SMA1) Sat. 6/27 to Fri. 7/10

Session 2 (SMA2) Sat. 7/11 to Fri. 7/24

Session 3 (SMA3) Sun. 7/26 to Sat. 8/8

Session 4 (SMA4) Mon. 8/10 to Sun. 8/23


Session 1 + 2  Sat 6/27 to Fri 7/24

Session 2 + 3 Sat 7/11 to Sat 8/8

Session 3 + 4 Sun 7/26 to Sun 8/23


Session 1 + 2 + 3 Sat 6/27 to Sat 8/8

Session 2 + 3 + 4 Sat 7/11 to Sun 8/23


Session 1 + 2 + 3 + 4 Sat 6/27 to Sun 8/23

Stone Mountain Adventures (SMA) is excited that once again we will have four two-week sessions for the summer of 2015.  This past summer (2014) was our first time with these options and it worked great.  SMA is a teen co-ed camp offering adventure activities, watersports, community service, creative arts and traditional sports.  Founded in 1983 by Pam and Biff Houldin, the current owners, Jud and Anne Millar, have maintained the same family atmosphere while offering exciting activities that are relevant to teens. As a  two-week teen camp  campers have the option of attending SMA for two weeks, four weeks, six weeks, or eight weeks.

Our teen and “tween” campers learn new skills, gain self confidence, make strong friendships and become members of our strong, value centered summer community. 

 Things that make SMA Teen Camp unique are:

  • Young, Teen Focused Activities
  • Campers Choose Their Own Activities Everyday
  • Adventures and Camping Overnights Out of Camp
  • Campers Increase Self Confidence and Independence

As with many aspects of teenagers lives, our camp is a very social place. We work hard to model and encourage positive relationships, create community in an authentic way, prevent cliques from developing, and take away many of the traditional pressures that teens feel in their daily lives. 

The result is that campers feel a new found freedom to explore who they truly are while  feeling like they have a new “home away from home” at Stone Mountain Adventures.

Stone Mountain Adventures is an overnight summer camp where teen and “tween” campers will be challenged on our activities, foster independence and leadership skills, and develop strong friendships with fellow campers and our staff while having fun every day and making memories to last a lifetime. 


Why Choose SMA


A group of Campers white water rafting.  

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