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"The Scotsman" get's Poetic at SMA 2 Week Teen Summer Camp

Posted by Jud Millar on Fri, Oct 2, 2015

Stone Mountain Adventures Teen Summer Camp Poem 2015                     

Declan “The Scotsman” Fitzharris2-week-summer-camp-Declan-poetic

Stone Mountain, it has been one hell of a summer,

It really has, one like no other,

From Sup and Sail to Canoeing, Rock climbing and Biking,

We are able to choose any activity of our liking,

This session we paddled the Yough in the rain and thunder,

Where we all conquered Dimple with no one going under,

We then move on to evening, where we do a different activity every night,

From Jud games to Invention Convention or an intimate Candle Light,

Now we are at Talent show with me expressing my talent,

And all you looking on thinking he who hasn’t.


At SMA we have awesome staff, who organize these activities every week,

With each counselor here being very unique,

Rory Bannon our counselor with the huge massive beard,

Recognized as the Dad, but is funnily really weird,

Ali Sanzo, the camp nurse and SMA mother in so many ways,

Constantly telling us the story of how she didn’t poop for 12 days,

Now we all know Melissa the Party Wash Queen,

However in her vans there’s no romance to be seen,

All of us here appreciate Chase rock climbing because he is the best,

Whilst all the Tussy boys look up admiring his sexy dreds,

Now we all know Felice who loves to play volleyball,

Which is really weird because she has no volleyball skills at all,

Now we come to Jud Wickersham Millar,

Who is the best camp director in the world by far,

However if there is a time or a chance of any doubt,

The great man will reply with those famous words of “We’ll figure it out”.


We all had a great summer, truly one to remember,

With all the fun and laughter on activities together,

Whether this was your first year, second, third or even last,

I hope with Jud and all our staff team, you really had a blast,

Remember when you go home your love for this place,

And in years to come you will say, “Those were the days”,

This summer has filled us all with moments we will treasure,

Stone Mountain Adventures 2015, it has been a pleasure.

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Stone Mountain Adventures 2 week teen summer camp 

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