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The SMA Summer Camp Session 2 Slideshow is Finally Here!

Posted by Jud Millar on Thu, Sep 22, 2022

Stone Mountain Adventures Session 2, 2022 was an amazing session full of fun and funny moments. We had so many incredible adventures including camping overnights, canoeing, wakeboarding, mountain biking white water rafting and SO MANY MORE!  All of us at SMA Summer Camp are thrilled to finally share the Session 2 slideshow with you and your family!

















As this being my last year here at SMA Summer Camp and I wanted to make it the best year ever, but I soon realized that I cannot make it anymore special than this camp already is. I’m so happy with everyone that decided to come first session because they all brought something unique to this camp, and that’s what makes this camp so wonderful. Everyone has a special place in my heart, especially Victoire because you change my heart and Hannah because you are my best friend. All the special nights I had with my Mattawanna girls, we made a really special bond. I had a lot of fun playing some intense games of pole barn, knockout, watching people play in the pouring rain, and swimming in Freezewood. I’m so sad that I won’t be coming back to SMA for another fun and adventurous summer. I hope everyone makes the best of the rest of their summer and to never forget this magical place.

Maggie Guy


This year at SMA Summer Camp, I grew closer to a lot more people, and I became better friends with JJ and Nina. My favorite activities were Hershey Park, the Yough river, State College, and the wakeboarding overnight. I really enjoyed riding on the Allegrippis trail. There were a lot of new counselors this year but it didn’t matter that I didn’t know most of them. I will never forget this summer and all of the amazing friendships that I have made this year.

Kara Stein



SMA Summer Camp this summer has been amazing! It was my second summer, which gave me very high expectations. All my expectations were greatly met. Some of my best memories are writing haikus late at night with Laura, Ash Pot, our dance, kidnapping Andre on our wakeboarding overnight, and so many others. I love that we all started timid and shy sticking to our exclusive groups, and now we all sit together as one big family. Our cabin was an amazing group of people! This summer is one I will never forget! I will miss everyone so much! Until next SUMMER! With Love <3

Sylvie Miller


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