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The SMA Teen Camp 2021 Session 2 Slideshow is finally here!

Posted by Jud Millar on Sun, Sep 5, 2021

The wait is finally over... All of us at Stone Mountain Adventures are thrilled to announce that the 2021 SMA Session 2 Slideshow is finally done.  Enjoy!







Camper Reflections from SMA Summer 2021:


I arrived at SMA because all my camps were cancelled. As a last resort my parents sent me to SMA with my little brother. 2nd session was amazing and I decided to stay for another session. Here I stand, 2 weeks later at the table in the board room.

All activities were great from art studio to wakeboarding. Overnights were amazing. Adventure hiking was great. The wakeboarding overnight was fun. The talent show was a lot of fun, and some acts were amazing, like Julie’s acrobatics and Chase’s juggling, while some were funny (what they say, what they mean).

I got Emily as a secret friend which was great! I believe I was a fine secret friend, and I also got good gifts from my secret friend in returnWhite water rafting was amazing and the Furnace Boat was a lot of fun, and highly performing. I loved staying at SMA!!


This is my second session at SMA this summer and I love it here! I was in wakemasters this session so I got to wakeboard almost everyday which was great! I didn’t quite achieve my goal of clearing the wake, but I got to the point where I was jumping the wake. I got to be in the dating game for an evening activity which was super fun! I also Yo-Yo’ed in the talent show in both sessions. Generally, I thought evening activities were super fun! I went on the adventure hike overnight this session and it was lots of fun!

We stopped at a swimming hole with lots of overhanging rocks and we got to climb and fall into the water. While we hiked I had lots of conversations about mountain biking, school, camp, and rock climbing. I slept in my hammock which was a lot of fun! This session went by way too fast. I cant wait to come back next year and have another great summer at SMA Teen Camp!!


Screenshot of SMA Summer Camp 2021 Session 2 slideshow YouTube video


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