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Top 5 Benefits of Overnight Camp!

Posted by Jud Millar on Mon, Dec 8, 2014

The snow may coming, but the days are lengthening— Think Camp!  Why camp?  Because overnight camp provides the foundation for many character elements we want to instill in our children.


When a child needs to take care of the basics from addressing and stamping her own letters home to refilling the cornbread platter or changing out of her bathing suit and even (gasp!) hanging it up to dry, she is shaping her independence.  Independence is a skill that is vital to success throughout life and great preparation for that day in the distant future when she heads off to college.
A group of Teen Campers pose for a picture on their bikes


Every day at camp a camper has the opportunity to try myriad pursuits whether holding the tiller of a sailboat for the first time or trying a new dive or leading a camp song by the campfire or feeding a goat.  Trying a new pursuit and working diligently to become proficient are the foundations of how we each build self-confidence.  Camp is a playground of new opportunities where every camper can try something new.  

Precious present

In a world of electronics and hustle and bustle we all need time to slow down and be immersed in the precious present.  Camp is a place to reconnect with the precious present as you hold a frog gently in your hands and watch it watch you.
Why Choose SMA

Positive role models

Most camps pride themselves on the care their staff bestows upon each and every camper.  Year after year young men and women return to summer camps to make positive connections with their campers.  One may help an eight year old perfect his baseball swing. Another laughs with her campers heading to morning dip.  A third invites a quiet child to join in a game of spud.  Many sit quietly with campers by the water’s edge to watch the sunset.  We all need mentors and summer camps are filled with positive role models every child should have.  Plus according to this New York Times blog camp counselors can out-parent parents.
A group of Teen female Campers pose for a picture


How many times have I heard a former camper reflect nostalgically on camp saying, “I could be myself at camp, no pretenses like at school.”  Campers return summer after summer for the camaraderie they find among friends who accept them for who they are. It's also very helpful to attend a non competitive summer camp.

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