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100 Days until the Grand Opening of SMA 2 Week Teen Camp 2016!

Posted by Jud Millar on Sun, Mar 20, 2016

We are all so excited for Stone Mountain Adventures 2016!  The snow has finally all melted at camp and with the sunshine we had last week we even have a few tulips that have popped up and are in bloom!  I looked at the calendar and by my estimation there are just 100 days until the start of Stone Mountain Adventures 2 Week Teen Summer Camp First Session 2016

Ethan Apparies

From the second I saw the camp I knew I would love it. As the days flew by I would feel more and more like I was part of the camp. I couldn’t feel better anywhere else. The campers were amazing, and while I hope to see them next year, I can’t imagine SMA without the counselors. As a first year camper this camp was well above my expectations. I am excited to come back next year and I am excited to enjoy every last second of this year.


Stone Mountain Adventures is an overnight summer camp where teens and “tween” campers will be challenged on our activities, foster independence and leadership skills, develop strong friendships with fellow campers and our staff all while having fun every day and making memories to last a lifetime. 

Our teen “tween” campers learn new skills, gain self confidence, make strong friendships and become members of our strong, value centered summer community. 


Sydney Waterman, Huntingdon Valley, PA

SMA is my home away from home. It feels like I’ve lived here my whole life, even though it has only been two weeks. I’ve made many new friends and reconnected with old ones. The people are nice, funny, caring, and supportive. My Rothrock girls are like my sisters, and they make me laugh, smile, and cry whenever I need it. The memories I’ve made during this session will stay with me throughout the upcoming year. If I ever feel sad and lonely, I can just think about SMA and I’ll be happier. Some of my favorite moments here were the SUP and sail overnight, van parties on the way home from rafting, canoeing , Alex’s lemonade stand, the candle light meeting, getting an awesome coin, learning important life lessons, dancing with everyone, winning the game of electricity, and soo much more!  I hope the next three sessions will be as fun as the first. It will be so hard to say goodbye to everyone because they are such great friends. SMA is awesome. I hope you all have a great summer and I’ll see you next year!!"

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Things that make SMA Teen Camp unique are:

  • Young Teen Focused Activities
  • Choose Your Own Activities Everyday
  • Adventures and Camping Overnights Out of Camp
  • Campers increase self confidence and independence

As with many aspects of teenagers lives our camp is also a very social place and we work hard to model and encourage positive relationships, create community in an authentic way, stop cliques from developing, and take away many of the traditional pressures that teens feel in school. 

We offer exciting and engaging activities and events everyday including:


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