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3 Ways To Get Kids Interested In Attending Summer Camps for Teens

Posted by Jenny Holt on Wed, Mar 28, 2018

Nowadays, most teens prefer to spend a majority of their time on their phones and other gadgets. New Call-to-actionAccording to a survey, most American teens spend about 6 hours a day on their mobile phones and about 18 hours in front of the television, a gaming console, and a desktop computer. For their overall well-being, it’s imperative that teenagers spend some time outdoors as being in nature benefits both physical and mental health. One of the best ways to experience the full benefits of nature is to go camping as being out in the fresh air and sunshine can do so much to reduce stress levels, improve physical health, and it can even boost one’s mood. Moreover, it helps teens to unplug and take a breather from technology. If you don’t think you can convince your teenager to pitch a tent with you sometime this year, here are a few ways to get your child interested in camping.



Let your teen plan the trip

New Call-to-actionTeenagers will be more interested in camping if they get to plan the trip. You can let your child choose the destination, food, and activities to do to get him or her excited about the camping trip. Do some research together so that both of you have a general idea of what you need to bring and the things that you can do at a campsite. However, it’s possible that your child may overlook some of the important details to consider while out in nature, such as how to keep warm while camping or other safety measures that one should take while sleeping in a tent. You can listen to their ideas, then add your suggestions and give a few reminders to help your teen stay safe and comfortable during the camping trip.

A group of Campers warming up by the fire

Allow your child to bring a friend

New Call-to-actionMost teens are unenthusiastic about camping because it takes them away from their friends. But by allowing your child to bring a friend, your teenager may look forward to spending the weekend in a tent with his or her best buddy. You may want to get your teenager a separate tent so that they can have their talks without feeling self-conscious.


New Call-to-actionBring lots of food

One mistake that parents usually make is assuming that their teenagers wouldn’t want to eat as much on a camping trip due to the number of activities that are available in a campsite. However, all that physical activity and fresh air can work up an appetite, so it’s best to be prepared and bring lots of ingredients for meals and snacks. Go beyond canned food and try making some of the most delicious camping recipes such as camping burritos, pizza nachos, and sriracha popcorn.


Fun-Summer-Camps-For Teens.jpg

Finally, help your teenager unplug from technology by asking him to leave his or her phone and other gadgets inside the tent. Don’t ban technology completely as your teen may resent this, but do agree on how long they can use their phone while you’re camping. The point is not to force camping on them, but to let teenagers appreciate the wonderful experience of being outdoors. Follow these tips and before you know it, your teen could be planning your next camping trip and other adventures this year.

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