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Dates Announced for 2017 Dirt Fest: SMA Mountain Biking Summer Camps

Posted by Jud Millar on Sat, Jan 14, 2017

Dirt Rag Announces the Dates for this years edition of Dirt Fest


Dirt Fest is a mountain biking festival that takes place in Central Pennsylvania every spring.  The purpose of Dirt Fest is to "Celebrate Mountain Bike Culture", and to ride a lot of bikes.  Riders at Dirfest will get to experience the thrill of the Allegrippis Trail System.  According to the Dirt Fest website the Allegrippis Trail System is "Bike-optimized, so expect routes that contour, and roll with bermed turns and lots of flow."  The best part about the Allegrippis Trail System is that riders of all skill levels and experiences level can ride them with success and have fun!

What:  Dirt Rag's Dirt Fest

Where: The Allegrippis Trails at Raystown Lake in Huntingdon County, Pennsylvania

When: May 18 - 21, 2017

Why: Because Everyone Loves to Ride Bikes!

A drone shot of Allegrippis Track system

One thing that makes Dirt Fest unique is that there are no races at Dirt Fest.  There are however, numerous events throughout the long weekend that highlight the event including:

  • Women's Skills ClinicNew Call-to-action
  • Masters Challenge
  • Mountain Unicylce Ride
  • A Teen Mountain Biking Ride hosted by Stone Mountain Adventures  
  • Fat Bike Group Ride
  • Live Music
  • Night Ride
  • Yoga
  • Skills Clinic open to all
  • And more!

The ExpoMountain-Biking-Camps-PA.jpg

The Dirt Fest Expo is one of the main features of Dirt Fest.  Typically representatives from most of the popular and boutique mountain bike manufactures will send their Reps with a large trailer full of a fleet of mountain bikes.  The best part is that if you are lucky enough to attend Dirt Fest you can "Demo" bikes for free!  Depending on the vendor all you need to do is give them your ID and sigh a waiver and you get a brand new high end bike to ride for the next 90 minutes.  Some people do not even bring mountain bikes to Dirt Fest because this forces them to Demo new bikes rather than ride their own.  Some of the nicest bikes I have ever ridden have been at Dirt Fest and include bike from Pivot, Santa Cruise, and others.  


At Dir Fest 2017 will feature two Expo locations.  The first location will be in at the Susquehannock peninsula where it has been in the past and a new Expo at the Seven Points Mountain Biking Park.  Stay tuned to Jud's Blog for updates about Dirtfest 2017!


Stone Mountain Adventures is a of few premier mountain biking summer camps in the United States.  We ride single track trails every day with a focus on skill development, Safety and Fun.  Click here to learn more about our Mountain Bike Masters Program?



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