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Healthy Meals for Vegetarians and Vegans at Summer Camps for Teens

Posted by Jud Millar on Wed, May 23, 2018


As a vegan, eating away from home can be a worry, as you wonder whether you and your family’s needs will be catered for without causing a fuss. Many teen summer camps now provide proper, nutritionally balanced, vegetarian and vegan meals, essential for when your kids are at camp without you. It's important to communicate with the camp director their camp camp can accommodate vegetarians and vegans because kids need healthy snacks and packed lunches for days out. When kids are on camping trips, where physical activity and fresh air can work up an appetite very quickly.

New Call-to-actionConvenient meals

The convenience of a vegan diet lends itself well to camping and eating on the go as you can eat plenty of raw fruit, nuts, and vegetables and there is no need to think about storing perishable dairy and meat products and worry about them becoming contaminated. For a great start to a busy day, just add water to an oatmeal or pancake mix. Pita bread filled with salad and homemade hummus makes a nutritious lunch and, in the evening, your kids can cook delicious grilled soy dogs and veggie burgers with beans or organic ketchup. Keep meals interesting with plenty of variety and taste as well as nutritional value. Grill vegetable kebabs or put some corn on the cob on the campfire and, for a tasty and filling late night supper, place some foil wrapped baking potatoes in the embers.  

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Just as with any diet, you want to make sure you provide plenty of wholesome snacks because, although veganism is perceived as being super healthy, it’s still easy for active kids to fill up on fries, chips, and candy.  When you’re camping, fresh fruit is perhaps the most convenient snack. Apples and bananas are fortifying and come in their own handy packaging and a trail mix of raw nuts and dried fruit is easy to prepare ahead and won’t spoil. There is a wide choice of vegan snack bars available or you could try making your own with your kids and let them experiment with ingredients like granola, molasses, and dried fruit.

Picture of Teen Campers doing Thug of War.

Traditional treats

New Call-to-actionCamping is about connecting with nature, enjoying fresh air and a healthy way of life.  Kid who attend  summer camps for teens need to have proper nutrition.   But it wouldn’t be the same without some treats around the campfire, especially for kids. People often mistakenly think that marshmallows are vegan but the good news is that there are gelatin free versions available so, combined with rich, dark chocolate and crackers unsweetened with honey, your kids don’t have to give up camping classics like s’mores.  Many brands of chips are unintentionally vegan but for a healthier treat, why not cook popcorn over the fire.

All camping food, especially at rock climbing camps takes planning, but if anything, it’s a little easier for vegans as much of the food needs little or no preparation and requires less thought about storage and contamination. With a huge variety of vegan meals, snacks, and treats there is no need for your kids to feel they are missing out and they’ll get all the energy they need to thoroughly enjoy their trip.

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