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Introducing the 2015 SMA Teen Summer Camp Staff Team!

Posted by Jud Millar on Sun, Jun 28, 2015

Here at Stone Mountain Adventures Teen Summer Camp, we feel that an important start of having the best summer ever is an awesome staff…and the 2015 team does not disappoint! ‘Funny-talkers’ galore have made this staff the most diverse in the new millennium and (possibly) the most diverse ever!



We started the summer off strong with Staff Training and let the crew grow together as a family before the campers even arrived; from rock climbing to days on the boat to the staff canoeing overnight, the fun never stopped! And now for some introductions…


Brenna PowellBrenna-Teen-Summer-Camp

       Age: 22

            This is Brenna’s 2nd summer as a counselor here at SMA, but she also was a camper for 3 years between 2007 and 2009. After graduating from Bucknell last May, Brenna joined the staff as a lead climbing instructor and luckily could join us again this summer! Brenna’s outdoor education background and experience not only benefits the campers, but also the whole staff!     


Simon Lefevre2-week-teen-camp-Simon

            Age: 22

            Hailing from Walsall, England, this is not only Simon’s first summer at Stone Mountain Adventures but also his first time in the United States! Simon has proven throughout staff training that he’s willing and eager to try every activity and has even cooked us a delicious ‘proper English breakfast’ once or twice. Simon is most excited to take the kids out to play a good game of ‘football’ (soccer) but is also very eager to see what this crazy summer will bring!


Alyna MalyniakTeen-Summer-Camp-Alyna

            Age: 25

            Alyna made the trip all the way from Adelaide, South Australia for her 2nd summer here at SMA! After falling in love with all that we do here, Alyna was confident before she even left last summer that she would be back again in 2015. From canoeing to the new (and improved!) SUP and sail activity to dance parties in the Rhino, Alyna brings incredible energy and fun to every activity!


2-week-summer-camp-DeclanDeclan Fitzharris

            Age: 22

            Declan Fitzharris, if you couldn’t have guessed by his name, travelled all the way from Scotland to be the 2nd Scottish counselor ever at Stone Mountain (the first, Kyle, was here in the very early days of SMA…the 80’s)! Although it took us a day or two to fully absorb his accent, Declan’s sense of humor and willingness to try every single activity impressed us all and made us laugh throughout training. Declan can most often be found on the ‘football pitch’ (or soccer field for us Americans) but has proved that he can do anything he has set his mind to!


Felice Oltuskiadventure-camp-Felice

            Age: 21

            Although this is Felice’s first year as a counselor, she also attended SMA as a camper between 2009 and 2011. As a staff we’ve been so grateful to have Felice among us as she is a trained yoga instructor and has kept our minds and muscles relaxed since day one! Felice’s skills cover an incredible range – from ukulele tunes to hula-hooping like a pro – and she’s super excited to be back as a counselor this summer!


adventure-camp-thomasThomas Prolze

            Age: 25

            Bike-Master Tom is back from England and better than ever for his 2nd summer at Stone Mountain Adventures! Although I’m fairly sure his favorite activity here is mowing the grass using a riding mower, I’d say mountain biking comes in at a close second. Tom brings nothing but positive vibes to every activity and has a wealth of knowledge from his vast international travels throughout the years.


Sarah Fisher – “Fish”2-wee-overnight-camp-fisher

            Age: 22

            Sarah (or Fish, as she’s best known) is happy to be back at Stone Mountain for her 2nd summer as a counselor but her 6th summer overall – she attended SMA as a camper between 2006 and 2009! A recent graduate of Wash U, Fish is happy to postpone being a ‘real adult’ for another summer filled with canoeing, SUP and sail, and plenty of dancing in bunk junk! Like all of the returning camper-to-counselor staff members, Fish knew as a camper that she would be back as a counselor as soon as she could, and that passion for Stone Mountain shines through in all that she does.


2-week-teen-camp-Rory_2Rory Bannon

            Age: 25

            Rory Bannon comes from a long line of Bannons who have worked as counselors at SMA 2 week overnight camp (shout out to Ceit and Koni!) and is beyond thrilled to return for his 2nd summer. From England, Rory’s first summer was in 2012 and he’s both surprised and excited to see names of campers from his first year on this year’s attending list! While he has many skills, lead boat staff and rock climbing just to name a few, Rory has really astounded the staff with his wonderfully crazy energy and impressive knotting ability!


Melissa Mooradian2-week-overnight-camp-Melissa

            Age: 22

            While this is Melissa’s 2nd summer as a counselor at SMA overnight summer camp, it is her 6th year overall – Melissa attended Stone Mountain Adventures as a camper between 2005 and 2008! She’s also very excited to have joined the Boat Crew this summer, especially to help new campers to wakeboard! Melissa’s genuine love for the campers and love for this camp are obvious within the first minute of meeting her…and she knows better than anyone how to start a totally rockin’ party wash in the kitchen after dinner!


Chase-2_week-summer-campChase Cloward

            Age: 24

            Although he may not be from out of the country, Chase also made a very long journey from Southern California to join the 2015 staff for his 2nd summer at Stone Mountain. While he is best known for his mind-blowing climbing skills (or maybe his dreadlocks) and often leads climbing activities, he also can show the ‘Funny-Talkers’ a thing or two on the soccer field! Chase’s down-to-earth personality and genuine respect for nature sets a great example for all of us here.  Chase is super excited to be back at SMA rock climbing summer camp!


Ellie Phillips – “Babs”overnight-summer-camp-Ellie_2

            Age: 22

            Ellie, or “Babs,” got her nickname because of where she’s from – for those of you who remember the movie Chicken Run, both Ellie and the character Babs come from the north of England and sound incredibly similar! Even though this is Ellie’s first summer at Stone Mountain, she has a lot of experience as an outdoor professional: from hiking to canoeing and even some incredible kneeboarding, there doesn’t seem to be an activity that she can’t do!


2_week-overnight-camp-joshJosh Love – “Love”

            Age: 23

            Back from Belfast, Northern Ireland, Josh is absolutely thrilled to be here for his 2nd summer at Stone Mountain Adventures 2 week summer camp! While Josh is one of the lead boating counselors, he also enjoys spending his days playing sports (especially soccer) and mountain biking through the incredible trails found nearby. Riled up with the excitement of a whole new summer ahead, Josh never fails to bring energy to every activity…even crew!


Virginia MaslandTeen-Summer-Camp-Virgina

            Age: 21

            A recent graduate of Shippensburg University, Virginia is super excited for her first summer at SMA Adventure Camp! An experienced mountain biker and rock climber, Virginia really shows her confidence when leading all sorts of activities. Virginia will also be leading many chill music jam sessions this summer as she can play the guitar, mandolin, and violin!


overnight-summer-camp-Devin_2Devin Rose – “Texas”

            Age: 23

            Devin is the resident American ‘Funny-Talker’ here at camp…born and raised in Texas, Devin has brought his southern charm (and accent!) along with him. Although this is his first summer at Stone Mountain, Devin leads activities with confidence and loves setting a great example for campers and staff members alike. When he’s not on the boat teaching campers how to wakeboard, water-ski, kneeboard, or wake-surf, he may also be found using his mechanical skills to make small improvements all over camp!  Devin is very excited to be at SAm 2 Week Teen Camp!


Ali Sanzo Ali-Teen-Summer-Camp

            Age: 23

            Back for her 3rd summer as a counselor but 7th summer overall (she was a camper between 2005 and 2008), Ali is beyond thrilled to be at Stone Mountain 2 week overnight campfor another best summer ever. Ali is a lead boating counselor this summer but also loves any time she can spend at SUP and sail and making plenty of friendship bracelets!  A recent graduate of Penn State, she can’t imagine a better way to spend her summer than surrounded by people she truly feels are family and a place she truly feels is home.



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