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Fourth Session Slideshow 2014 - Horseback Riding Teen Summer Camp

Posted by Jud Millar on Thu, Nov 6, 2014

The Fourth Session Slideshow is live on our website!SMA 4th Session Slideshow 2014 Banner.

The Fourth and final Session of Stone Mountain Adventures horseback riding teen summer camp began on Tuesday, August 5th.  After 6 weeks of hands on experience our staff were ready for the final 2 week session of the summer!  

All session we took pictures of campers and staff on activities (horseback riding, white water rafting, wakeboarding, art studio, etc.), doing creative art activities, participating in evening activities (Jud Games, yea!) and hanging around camp with friends. We gather the best of these photos, add a summer soundtrack, and put together a slideshow that really captures the crazy, silly, amazing, magical moments of each session.


So here it is, the official slideshow of Stone Mountain Adventures Teen Summer Camp's Fourth Session of 2014!


Many of these photos are also available to download at

Click Here to downlod photos.

SMA 4th Session Slideshow - 2014 Banner.




SMA Teen Camp Fourth session was amazing! The activities were amazing and I loved all the other campers! The Yough with Tom and Alyna was great, and Dimple Rock was the best  ever. Hanging out with everyone on the front lawn and in Mattawanna made every day amazing! Party vans with Ali, Melissa, Brenna, and all the campers were awesome. I was so excited Eliza could come back, and I spent almost every afternoon activity with her. I love this horseback riding teen summer camp.  Our talks at night in Mattawanna and calling back to the Furnace every night made leaving home a little easier, but leaving camp is a lot harder.

Cupcake Charlie

Camp has been really fun. I really enjoyed it all, especially whitewater rafting, bowling, and canoeing. I have a ton of memories from all the activities like at windsurf/sail when we shared ghost stories on the water. Candlelight meetings were more serious. I loved all the canoeing I did. I really enjoyed me and Lucy’s game. Overall I had an amazing time and I hope I can come back next year.


This is my fourth and probably my final year at SMA riding camp. Looking back on my time here always puts a smile on my face. This has been a great year with some awesome people. Whatever activity I was on, I always had fun. I credit this to the awesome staff this year, the counselors were hilarious and so great. This session I had an awesome boat with Lucy on the Youghiogheny River whitewater rafting. Also shout out to Chase for being a great secret friend and getting me a plate with Obama on it. I made some great new friends this year, and also reconnected with my friends from past years. This has been such a great last year. Shout out to Emily for making this summer great! Goodbye SMA.


This is my second session of the summer at SMA horseback riding summer camp, and sixth session ever, and it was one of my best. This session felt so different from all the rest because my core group of friends had all left last session. Even though the people I’m used to left, the feeling of SMA stayed the same. Every moment here is made into something special—whether it’s compost with Jeff, snacking in Mattawanna, or dancing between talent show acts, SMA makes everything fun.

I tried to be more adventurous this session, and I even went on the boat with Lindsay! This camp challenges you to try new things, and the feeling I get when I accomplish something is so amazing. I really hope this is not my last session here, SMA is like my home.




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