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Session 2 Reflections:  SMA Fun Summer Camp for Teens

Posted by Jud Millar on Mon, Nov 6, 2017

Georgia Millman-Perlah

This was my second summer at SMA and I had the most amazing 2 weeks of my life. I had so many firsts this session- my first time waterskiing and my first time climbing barefoot. This session at SMA has most definitely changed me as a person. I have learned to accept myself and anyone else. I have more close friendships than I can count and I’ve become SO close with all of the counsellors and next year is not going to be the same without a lot of them.


I made so many amazing memories. I went on the canoeing overnight and saw my first shooting star. At the Yough I stood under a waterfall and I saw a red sun. My cabin and I have had so many deep conversations that I’ll remember for the rest of my life. My favourite memories this summer were the small candle light meeting and the yough. My group at the candle light was so deep and intense and that’s a conversation I will remember forever. SMA is my home and I’ll always have a safe place here. Life at home is going to be so difficult without this routine. I’m going to miss it so much, I’m already counting don the days to next year.

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Jamie Masterson

In these 2 weeks I have found out many things. I found out that ‘I like pina coldas and getting caught in the rain. That I’m not much into yoga and love the taste of champagne.’ I also love that song! It’s the last day of camp right now. Yesterday I went mountain biking and I think that I just really got the hang of it. I also went waterskiing yesterday and I really got the hang of that too. This time white water rafting was a lot better and the water was 4ft high so the counclers didn’t guide the rafts the pros did so we didn’t have to stop before each rapid. I tried hot sauce and I think it will help withal my Dads food.


Oscar Grosjean

This session I made some friends. That was cool, I liked wakemasters and wakeboard overnight. I made really good friends with Noe and Ryan. This was my first year at SMA but it will not be my last year. I had a pretty good experience, I learnt to talk better in English which will help me a lot in the future at school and if I travel. The councelors were super great and they are always here. The place was beautiful and it was great to sleep in little cabins with people we don’t know before. We were like a family and I loved it.


Julian Kocur-Brown

After having a very difficult time at home, my mom thought that camp would be refreshing. For the most part, she was correct. I am very quiet and don’t like to talk much or make friends, Whenever I was reading another camper would ask what book I was reading or where I was from.


When I was having a bad day all of the staff were there to comfort or get me through the day, without that support, I wouldn’t have made it through my first camp experience.

Sophia Godfrey

I had a fun 2nd session of SMA. I tried all of the activities except mountain biking, I was able to make many friends. I didn’t do anything in the talent show but it was fun to watch others. Unfortunately, I lost some of my favourite hairbands, but its okay because I have some more at home. Overall, I had a pretty great time during both sessions I was here for.


Sophia Ferris

This was my first time at SMA and it was the most fun summer I have had in my entire life. All the activities were amazing especially wakeboarding and rock climbing. The first 2 days were a bit rough but I adjusted quickly and weirdly wasn’t homesick. I loved all of the councillors and most of the kids were nice. I made many new friends and I am definitely returning nest summer.


Omer Shani

This is my 2nd year as a caper and like last year it was great. This session everyone got to know each other really well and the councillors were great, everything was great.

Alex Soulier

That was a pretty good session, I really enjoy it. My favourite memories are the wakeboard overnight and the horsemasters. The bowling was also funny, I got 3 strikes.


Walter Keiler

This was a great session; it was also sad knowing I might not see a lot of them again. I also loved being on the boat and getting out of the wake. All in all, I loved every second of it.


Jared Rapaport

One thing I really liked was the yough it had bigger rapids than session 1. As per usual I was eating random woodland objects. I learned a lot at this camp. I didn’t like disco bowling because I threw up twice.


I really liked my friends, Sam and Becca. They had a big impact on my life. I also learned my lesson not eating berries and such. I can’t wait to come back.


Gavin Ohler

This was my first time at SMA! I loved it with all the activities and I had wakemasters! The Yough trip was excellent because we had it almost all day. I will definitely come back next year.

I did a lot of activities including waterski and wakeboarding, rugby and many others. I got up on both the waterskis and the wakeboard and went in and out of the wake. In rugby I was taught how to use both my hands in one day. My team also won in a lot of the games. I loved all the activities and secret friends.


Will Serlin

This is my second year at SMA and 2nd session was a lot of fun. I had a great time doing activities that I have done before such as rock climbing, sports, hiking and canoeing as well as new ones such as wakeboarding, horseback riding and much more. The people were very friendly and I had a wonderful experience!


Phebe Herlocher

I really liked this session at SMA. My favourite activities were wakeboarding (I got up on the kneeboard first time and belly whomped) Volleyball was so much fun. At the yough seeing cucumber falls was amazing and beautiful. Also white water rafting SO FUN! At the canoeing overnight I SAW 5 SHOOTING STARS.


Tristan Ohler

The last 2 weeks of my life have been amazing, I have slalomed on the water skis and got up on the wakeboard multiple times even though it was my first try. I enjoyed a lot of time with friends like the canoe overnight and the Amish Market I also met a lot of new friends I will continue to talk to throughout the year. I enjoyed a lot of time where I chilled in my hammock with other people and talked. Finally, I got to spend the best 2 weeks of my life with the most amazingly nice people in the world.


Robin Dutreil

For my first session here and probably not the last one, I met so many nice people. I had a lot of fun and I enjoyed all the activities I did.

Cassie Laugier

It was my first year in this camp and I hope it is not the last. This session was so fun, my best memory is the wakeboarding overnight. I kneeboarded for the first time and seeing Nico belly whomp was amazing. I will never forget anyone here who made these 2 weeks incredible.


Chloe Godfrey

I am a first year camper, and I’ve also never been to an overnight summer camp before, but this is my second session this time. This session I tried more activities that I hadn’t got to do last time. I’m glad that I have a water bottle because I drink so much water because of the sun. Camp has been a lot of fun for me and I have met a lot on nice people.


Coby Polatsek

My favourite part of session 2 was disco bowling. I hope me and my dad can go bowling over the summer that is left. I’m glad I can go home, but I had fun here.


Georgia Millman-Perlah

This was my second summer at SMA and I had the most amazing 2 weeks of my life. I had so many firsts this session- my first time waterskiing and my first time climbing barefoot. This session at SMA has most definitely changed me as a person. I have learned to accept myself and anyone else. I have more close friendships than I can count and I’ve become SO close with all of the counsellors and next year is not going to be the same without a lot of them.


I made so many amazing memories. I went on the canoeing overnight and saw my first shooting star. At the Yough I stood under a waterfall and I saw a red sun. My cabin and I have had so many deep conversations that I’ll remember for the rest of my life. My favourite memories this summer were the small candle light meeting and the yough. My group at the candle light was so deep and intense and that’s a conversation I will remember forever. SMA is my home and I’ll always have a safe place here. Life at home is going to be so difficult without this routine. I’m going to miss it so much, I’m already counting don the days to next year.


Ben Gelfond

I had a great time at camp this session. I went on fun overnights, climbing and wakeboarding. I saw my first shooting star, I also made many friends and strengthened the friendships I had made in my previous 2 years. The furnace was lit this session. We performed the frozen t-shirt prank and presented them back to mattawana during the talent show. The yough was short but sweet ad my raft was chill. Overall 10/10 would do again, except the time Helen cheated in capture the flag.



Deanna Delore

Camp this year, like last year, was amazing starting with the first day. The first day I was greeted by old and new friends and right away I felt at home. I went on a rock climbing overnight and many more fun activities. As a cabin we got along very well and had good bonds that will last for a lifetime. At night all camp activities allowed me and others to bond with everyone. I made many new friends and reconnected with old friends. The yough this year was my favourite, After a fun day on the river we took a hike to cucumber falls and played as a group in the water. Altogether we were all enjoying ourselves and had a great time.


Jordyn Bitton

I love camp, as I sit in the same place my parents did 30-some years ago I think about the influence this place has had on my life. Memories like the (non-existent) bear on the overnight and Ben and Helens beautiful wedding. I love everyone here and this place will always be with me.


Flora Fonquernie

That was my second session this year, and a good one. Even if that was really different of the first session, I had fun and I enjoyed it a lot. My best memory will be the second wakeboard overnight which was awesome and we were a good group, especially when we were looking at the starts and the part of the boat was fun too. Capture the flag was amazing and we all know that the pink team won. Little J was a really good cabin even if it was always messy but we were a good team.


Zhenya Fakeeva

It was my first year at SMA and it was amazing. I am glad I met a lot of great people from different countries and I now have a lot of new friends. I’ve opened myself from the different side, when I tried rock climbing, wakeboarding and other cool adventures. Mattawana became a second home for me. All the girls were always kind. In spite it is time to come home, this place will always be my warm fuzzy.


Ryan Ozmelek

These last 2 weeks of SMA have been incredibly fun. On top of the great activities, a lot of new, interesting people are here compared to last session. I have been able to make new friends from other countries which is a good way to gain exposure to different cultures. I have been able to grow socially as well.


Becca Daniels

I cant believe that my 4 years here have come to a close, these past 2 sessions have been the best ever. I’ve made so many friends and so many memories that I will cherish. These past 4 years have helped me grow, SMA is my home and I love it.


Liz F-N

This session flew by! This is my second session this year but its hard to believe that it has already been a month and I am leaving tomorrow. I joined wakemasters for the first time to be with 2 of my friends. O ended up really enjoying my time on the boat and wakeboarding. I can confidently get up and usually get in and out of the wake (sorry to the boat crew for making you guys drive REALLY slow). Besides that, this session was very quiet and calm. It was nice to reconnect with people from last year and strengthen other friendships. It rained a lot, which wasn’t fun but made the Yough a unique experience. The water level was almost double of first session! We did it so quickly that we got to go and see a waterfall. Definite highlight of the session! Also, small candle light this session was great. Its hard to say goodbye to campers and counsellors who wont be coming back next year but have had a huge impact on camp and on me. I’ve tried to make a lot of friendship bracelets but I gave up (oh well). Overall this will be a summer that I never forget, thanks to all the people that have made it so amazing. I am already looking forward to summer 2018. Cheers!


Caitlin Gerstein

This is my second year at SMA, as soon as I got here, I felt at home, it is great to be at a place that is so accepting. I can’t wait for the years to come. We did many exciting activities my favourites were White water rafting and the canoeing overnight. The campers and the councillors make all activities very memorable.


Jessie Axelson

I am sick right not, so I’m not feeling so positive, but this has still been a great session. The Yough was the highest I’ve ever seen it making in n especially fun and quick day on the river. We also went to cucumber falls for the first time which was really amazing. Another thing I did for the first time was Wakeboarding. In previous years when I went on the boat for an overnight I would only go kneeboarding because it was more in my comfort zone. I finally decided to try wakeboarding though and surprisingly I got up on my first try but did not stay up very long. I love that in my 4th year at SMA I am still trying new things and having new experiences and finding new things that I love.


Noa Gold

This was my 4th Year at SMA, and was by far the best. The girls in Mattawanna always had my back and were super sweet. The wakemasters were also a tight knit group. This tear in wakemasters I was able to get up on the wakeboard, get in and out of the wake and finally land a jump. On the Yough this year I was in Juds boat and since the water was so high we finished super early. This session was one of the best sessions I’ve ever had at SMA. I will definitely try to come back as a super camper next year.


Sam Williams-Healy

This session was probably one of the best sessions I’ve ever been a part of. I am 4th tear and a super camper so it’s all a little bittersweet knowing that this is my last session as a camper but everything was still absolutely amazing. Between making friends and memories that will last a lifetime I will never forget this camp. SMA is my home away from home and my friends I make here are my family. I never know hoe to end these things so I guess that’s it. Thank you SMA.


Gia Flynn

This is my second session at SMA and it went just as fast as first session. I earned SMAM despite the fact that I got injured. I loved seeing all my friends from last year. White water rafting was so much fun, the water was so high! I went canoeing overnight and it was one of my favourite overnights. Everything was so fun. Even though I got injured, I didn’t let it kill my fun at camp of my experience this year. I can’t wait to come back.


Emma Fonteilles

It was my first time at SMA, and I think not my last one. I was on the first overnight and that was just amazing.

I have enjoyed every moment here. Each counsellor was very nice and always smiling. Little J this session was awesome and I created a lot of friendships. Thank you for everything. I hope to see everyone next year.



Gabe Pradal

This session was very good. I loved the people here at camp. I enjoyed every activity. And I hope that I will come back next summer.


Noe Dumont

2nd year for me, this session was really cool and fun. O made some new friends like the pretty Oscar, Ryan and Russian Zhenya. I am sad to see my friends leaving this session, but I am excited to meet new people coming in session 3.


Nico Magnin

During this session at SMA I met new people and made lots of friends. I really enjoyed the activities, in particular White water Rafting. The wakeboarding overnight was wonderful. I saw shooting stars. There is a lot for me to look forward to in the upcoming years at SMA.


Session 1 Staff Reflections


Kyla, Maryland

This session was just as good as first. It was nice feeling really comfortable after having been here for over a month and I was able to really be myself. The group of campers this session was just so good and it was really fun spending time with all of them. On the boat the wakemasters were incredibly talented and it was cool seeing them reach their goals. One of my favourite memories of the session was the wake-overnight and getting to spend a lot of time on the boat and then taking the campers to see the stars at night.

It is also really cool and meaningful to watch the campers get emotionally invested in this place as I am. As a camper this place changed me for the better and as a counsellor it continued to do the same am looking forward to creating so many memories next session!


Hannah, Cheshire, England

What an incredible 2 weeks it has been, its amazing how time flies and yet such strong bonds are formed in just 2 weeks. All Camp day was A1, my first ever Alex’s lemonade stand in Tyrone was definitely an experience, and I am so proud of everyone that raised money that day. I am pretty sure that the BBQ was the best ever (because Jem and I cooked).

Mountain Biking has been awesome.  SMA is a wonderful mountain biking camp!  The Yough was so much fun, even with a little bit of a boring river guide- especially when we abandoned Ben. Seeing cucumber falls for the first time was magical and I hope you all thought it was as beautiful as I did. From art Studio to biking on the Allegrippis trails it has been a pleasure to spend time with each and everyone of you. I hope that you all had as much of a great sizzling summer ’17 as I did!


Swags, Maryland

The more time that I spend at camp the more amazed I get at how weird camp time it. Days are so long and the weeks fly by. I can’t believe that second session is coming to an end already. It seems like only yesterday everyone was arriving and we were getting started.

Camp was amazing this session- the vibe was incredible and I felt like the group moulded together so quickly. The group seemed to interact really well together and were happy to spend time together no matter the group.

White Water Rafting this session was amazing- going down with the guides in the raft made for an exciting day. Our guide even let us stand on the front of the raft going down baby rapid and swim through one of them too. It was absolutely amazing- one of the best rafts ever!

Also a special shout out to my secret friend for all of the amazing gifts.


Will, Cornwall, England

This has been my second session as a counsellor and from day one when all the campers arrived it has been a very enjoyable experience.

All of the campers have shown to have incredible personalities that I have been thrilled to have had the chance to meet all of them. They have shown great respect to all the other campers as well as the counsellors. Every single camper on site was engaged and showed vast enjoyment at all activities we offered.

Memories that will remain with me for time to come will be the time spent camping on the climbing overnight. Telling true ghost stories around the flaming camp fire gave me chills down my spine (in a good way). Only to proceed to enjoy the s’mores, and learn many stories of culture amongst campers from different origins. Sleeping in a hammock listening to the forest and animals was an enjoyable experience.

Great people, Incredible experience.


Ben, Paris France

From the opening day when campers were either dropped off by their parents or driven here by the DC or North East vans, I knew this would be a high energy, fun and unforgettable session.

One of the highlights was the canoeing overnight. After floating down the Little J river in the afternoon with a great crew of campers, we spent an amazing night telling stories and stargazing around the magic fire.

Another memory that I know will stick with me was the day at the Yough. The water levels were the highest I have ever seen. We flew over the river in just 2 hours before going to cucumber falls, the place was wonderful.

Overall there are too many warm fuzzies to list all of them. Making pizza in the oven, volleyball games, trying to reach the bottom of the lake at SUP and Sail are just a few.

I also got married by a kiwi minister to my Penguin girlfriend with whom I have help for 7 years.


Simon, Walsall, England

Second session got off to a great start with an energetic first day. We had lots of campers stay over from first session so they did a great job of welcoming everyone and showing them around.

I was a bunk captain for Crows Next and the first few nights it was great to spend time with all of the boys. It was also fun getting to know our crew playing get-to-know-you games and Pole-Barn!

Activities were high-energy for the whole session. My personal highlights are playing football (soccer), volleyball and a load of other sports. Being out on the boat was also really run and I really enjoyed the overnight and getting out with the wakemasters.

Evening activities were amazing! Disco-Bowling was (and always is) my favourite. I wore a fetching dress and everyone had a great time! The Yough was also amazing. We had raft guides in the boat but it was still an excellent time and the weather was brilliant.

I am sad that the session is coming to a close and I will miss everyone very much.


Chase, California

So session 2 started out with a bang! It was so nice to see all the returning campers and meeting all the new faces that joined us this year. The wake boat overnight was so much fun with everyone getting in Raystown lake and getting up on the Skis or Board. Speaking of water the Yough was so much fun with the water level being the highest I’ve ever seen it.

Rock climbing this session was amazing as always with all the top roping at Donation Rocks and the sweet bouldering at Hunters Rocks with is world class boulders. Everyone had an amazing time playing on the rocks and during the overnight we went star gazing where I saw the best shooting star I’ve ever seen! SMA is a super-fun rock climbing summer camp!  I cant wait for next session and I hope I see you all again in the future. ROCK ON!!


Connor, Wellington, New Zealand

If I thought the first session had flown by fast, this one flew by even faster!

As per usual activities ran well, in fact better than well, they were fantastic! My Frisbee skills have improved vastly. The lake has been particularly warm, with lots of fun had on the wake boat and at SUP and Sail. The improvement of the wakemasters has been seriously awesome they have all improved a lot and most are pulling out impressive tricks on the board and skis.

This session I sat out of the yough. The water level was higher than usual so larger rafts were used and each had its own raft guide. I on the other hand took Becca to cucumber falls which was amazing- the entire camp visited after their rafting.

All in all this session was a blast and even though a few of the staff were sick, ater some rest we will be full of energy to enjoy session 3!


Jem, Newcastle, England

How is this session nearly over already? It has literally flown by- I guess time flies when you’re having fun.

The group of campers this session has been amazing, its been a small group so it’s been very close knit. It has felt like a family! The canoeing overnight had to be a particular highlight for me, it was a great float down the river and a fantastic night of (so many) mountain pies and s’mores! The kids were so much fun, full of enthusiasm and we all slept under the stars after an impressive cuddle puddle on the ground.

The evening activities have also been amazing, everyone got so involved which made them so much fun. Especially the invention convention which was one of the most entertaining I have ever done! The dance was also pretty epic, I’m nor sure I’ve recovered from it yet.

I am going to be so sad saying goodbye to all of you, but it has been an amazing 2 weeks at SMAsummer camp for teens which I will definitely never forget.


Helen, California

Penguin suits, wedding rings from the Amish Market and honeymoons on the Yough. These are the moments that make this place and this session so special. When Ben and I put on our own wedding dance reception and a white water rafting honeymoon this place was truly etched into my brain as the happiest, most fun place on earth. Sorry Disneyland, you have nothing on SMA.

It takes a big step in maturity for campers to embrace this place as a home, and being a part of that experience as a councillor is very special. This session brought together 35 amazing teenagers each and everyone has taught me something special in their unique view on life. The stars are brighter in Pennsylvania, the vans are bigger and the ice cream is sweeter. I am very happy to be at SMA for the first year as a counsellor after 3 years as a camper made this place my home for a lifetime. Thank you to everyone who makes SMA Summer Camps For Teens exactly what it is, I wouldn’t change it for the world.


Greta, Pennsylvania

Over the past 2 weeks I have had the pleasure of getting to meet /reunite with everyone. Although I was sick a lot you all made the time I was feeling well amazing, so thank you very much. Even though the Yough water level was so high we were still able to float and have a fun time. Thankfully no one flipped either… even though that would have been fun too. Watching the wakemasters progression over these 2 weeks was incredible. You all had great attitudes and pushed yourselves out of your comfort zones to achieve your goals. (Liz- its okay and recommended to go faster than 12mph… just saying). I can not say it enough though, thank you. SMA is an amazing teen sleep away camp.  Thank you for making this session amazing, thank you for the laughs, thank you for the friendships.


Babs, Lancashire, England

What a whirlwind of a session! The awesomeness of session 2 was unbelievable. Each camper threw themselves into every moment, whether that be activities or candle light.

Canoeing in the sunshine on a high river was so much fun we got to swim one of the rapids and play some games The Yough this session was so high we had to have our own raft guides and ours turned out to be the best. We got to stand on the bow of the boat with a rope and ride the rapids which was terrifying but great. We popped over to cucumber falls which was beautiful.

Overall the session has been great, I felt like I made new friends rather than councilling campers.  SMA is a fun summer camp for teens!

You made me do emotion and thank you for that!

Have an amazing super sizzling summer ’17! Cheers Luvs x



Tim, Pennsylvania

This session will go down as one of my favorite sessions to date. I loved the I the enthusiasm the kids showed on activities. At the rocks everyone was pushing themselves out of there comfort zone and climbing hard. I love SMA Rock Climbing Summer Camp!   I got to go on my first ever Canoeing overnight.The water was up and it made for a great float! Thanks everyone for making this session so wonderful.  


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